Why Should I Use Heat Transfers?


More Profit.  In many cases Heat transfers are less expensive that direct screen printing. A blank white tee sells for approximately $2.00. A full color, full size transfer will cost about $1.50. Total cost of materials is $3.50. Direct printed tees normally cost $7.00. You saved $3.50 on every shirt you sold by using heat transfers!


Control your inventory and increase your flexibility. You don’t have to tie up your money with a large inventory of pre-printed shirts and hope you guessed right in the number of each design and size in your inventory. When you print “just in time” with heat transfers, you can maintain a smaller inventory of blank tees and  manufacture the customers preferred design, on the size and color shirt requested by your customer…. in a minute or less.


If you have customers that order small quantities of the same design at different intervals, you can maintain an inventory of heat transfers and order and print your blank garments when the customer places his order. No blank inventory is required in this scenario.


Deliver your orders faster.   It takes only 10 seconds to print one side of a shirt. If you have an inventory of heat transfers you can print your orders quickly. No need to wait on a screen printer.

    If you need to order stock transfers they can arrive next day. If you have to order custom transfers from Barber and Company, you can have them at your door the next day(sublimation) or in 5-7 working days(silk screened).

Custom Transfer Types Explained

Sublimation Transfers

    Sublimation transfers are made from an ink that “sublimates.”  When heat is applied, this ink goes from a solid to a gas without going through the normal intermediate liquid phase.  

    When in close contact with polyester fibers and other polyester coated objects, the sublimated gases penetrate and color the material fibers or polyester coating. Polyester coated objects such as car tags, mugs, and hundreds of others can be printed using sublimation transfers.

    The result is a printed object that has no “hand” or “feel”. The printed image will be permanent, washable and bright.

    Transfers made with sublimation ink will only work on white or very light fabrics that have a high polyester content. Polyester contents as low as 50% will work, but the resulting image colors will be subdued when compared to fabrics containing 100% polyester. Sublimation transfers will NOT work on 100% cotton.

    You can view our custom sublimation price list at: /p/7771

Silk Screened Transfers

    Silk screened transfers are made from plastisol ink. The ink is printed through a screen, in reverse on a release paper. The ink is transferred to apparel using heat and pressure. Silk screened plastisol transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends and can be used on light or dark garments. Plastisol ink is used in direct printing on garments by most screen printers and is widely known for its brightness and durability.

    To produce a screen printed plastisol transfer, a “screen” must be prepared for each color used in the manufacture of these transfers. Setup and preparation costs of these screens are substantial for multi color transfers. However, these costs can be offset by printing the transfers in quantities sufficient to lower the per unit costs.

    You can view our custom silk screened transfer price list at: /p/12149



    When “Glitter” is what you need, we’ve got you covered. Applied in one step, all you have to do is press and peel. You can order these custom made or buy from our selection of stock designs. Glitter transfers work well on cotton and cotton blends and can be used on light or dark garments.You can order almost any color imaginable and can view the custom glitter price list at: /p/glitter


Foil Transfers

    Foil transfers are an alternative when “Shine” is what you need for that special effect. Our foil transfers are applied in one step…..just press, allow to cool and peel. Foil transfers work well on cotton and cotton blends and on light or dark garments.

Our standard foil colors are: Silver, Gold, Red, Royal Blue, Pink/Magenta, Purple, Multicolor and Copper.

    Prices are based on a 12×12 inch sheet and may be viewed at: /p/11837

How To Order Custom Transfers

If you wish to place an order, ask questions or receive quotes, please send an email to custom@barberandcompany.com or call 1-800-448-3061 with your name, address and telephone number. Please include a .jpg image for customer service viewing purposes.


Art: Send us your files.When sending actual artwork to be used for printing, please email a full size, high resolution file at 200 resolution or better. It is optimal for the file to have a transparent background. The following are acceptable formats beginning at the most desirable: .psd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .png, .jpg. Please send .jpg artwork only if there is no other option. Anything less than ideal may accrue art fees of $25 per hour.

    If you do not have art we can help. We have artists on staff that can make your design come to life. Call us at 1-800-448-3061 or email us at custom@barberandcompany.com with your design description. We will send you a proof of your design and continue to work with you until you design is approved. Art charge is $25.00 per hour