Custom T-Shirts

We utilize multiple printing and decoration technologies including Direct Silk-Screen and Sublimation

Direct Silk-Screen Printing

Direct Screen Printing is a printing technique using a screen mesh  to transfer plastisol ink directly onto a shirt or other substrate.  One color is printed at a time and several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image or design.  The ink is cured by passing it through a dryer.

  • Direct screen printing works well on light or dark colored garments and almost any type of fabric, including 100% polyester, 100% cotton, and  poly/cotton blends.

  • The cost of direct screen printing is dependent upon the number of colors in your design and the quantity of prints you order.

  • Call  1-800-448-3061 or email: with questions

Prices are for per location and for printing only. Does not include garment.

12-23 4.95 7.15 9.35 11.55 13.75 15.95
24-50 2.75 3.58 4.40 5.23 5.77 6.32
51-100 2.20 3.03 3.58 4.13 4.68 5.23
101-150 1.65 2.20 2.75 3.30 3.85 4.40
151-250 1.38 1.93 2.48 3.03 3.58 4.13
251-500 1.10 1.65 1.93 2.48 2.75 3.03
  • Color changes: $10.00
  • Art Charges: $25 per hour
  • We accept drop shipments with prior notification
  • Turn around time 5-7 working days
  • Rush service with 3 day production is available at 10% of order total or $25.00, whichever is greater.
  • 50% down payment required for all custom orders

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing is accomplished by first printing your design on a transfer paper using sublimation inks. This sublimation transfer is then pressed on your garment using heat and pressure.  When heated, sublimation ink becomes a gas that penetrates the polyester fibers in your garment and colors them. The colors are permanent and soft to the touch.

  • High detail and bright colors are achieved when printed on white or light, 100% polyester fabrics

  • White or light colored 50/50 fabrics can also be used with acceptable results but colors are somewhat muted when compared with images on 100% polyester

  • Sublimation printing will NOT work on dark or 100% cotton garments.

  • Call  1-800-448-3061 or email: with questions

Standard Size Sublimation Printing

The price of standard size sublimation printing is dependent upon the size of your transfer image and the number of locations printed on your garment.

The sublimation transfer cost is $0.0175/sq. inch. Cost of application of the transfer to your garment is $1.00/ application.

For example, a 10 x 10 inch image printed on front of garment only, would be calculated as follows:

10 x 10 inches = 100 sq. inches            100 sq. inches x $0.0175/ sq. inch = $1.75 (transfer cost).

One application to garment is $1.00

Total printing cost is $1.75 + $1.00 = $2.75

Add your shirt cost for the grand total cost of your  printed shirt.

$50.00 minimum order

All Over Sublimation Printing

Garments can be printed all over up to size 2XL.

Printing price is $25.00 per shirt for S-2XL.  Price does not include shirt cost. (White 100% polyester ~$4.00) ( White 50/50 ~$2.00)

 $50.00 minimum order.

 Art Charges

If you supply art that is suitable for printing there are no art charges. If our artists have to create art or modify your art, you will be billed at $25.00/hr. for the time that it takes.