Custom Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation transfers are made from an ink that “sublimates” or goes directly from a solid to a gas state. When heat is applied, the ink converts to gas without going through the intermediate liquid stage.

When in close contact with polyester fibers and other polyester-coated objects, the sublimated gases penetrate and color the material fibers or polyester coating. The result is that the print actually becomes a part of the garment or coating. It doesn’t fade easily, wear or have any texture or weight. The printed image will be permanent, washable and bright.

Sublimation transfers will only work on white or very light fabrics that have a high polyester content. Polyester contents as low as 50% will work, but the resulting image colors will be subdued when compared to fabrics containing 100% polyester. Sublimation transfers will NOT work on 100% cotton.

  • Light garments only

  • Economical: $0.02 per square inch

  • $25 minimum

  • Super vibrant colors when used with high polyester garments

  • Works well on garments or products containing 50% or more polyester

  • Incredibly soft hand/feel

  • Call  1-800-448-3061 or email:

Cost:  $0.02/sq. inch

Multiply image length x width (inches) x $0.02 = cost

Your transfers will ship 2 working days on average after artwork approval is received.

  1. Temperature: 375 degrees F

  2. Time: 70 Seconds

  3. Pressure: Light

  4. Peel: Hot