Glitter Transfers

Glitter transfers add sparkle, glitz and glam to any ordinary design to make it extraordinary. These transfers can be applied to any color apparel. Glitter designs are ideal for dance, cheer, spirit and fashion attire. They definitely get cheers from our customers.

  • Light and dark garments

  • Medium cost investment

  • Low minimum

  • Shiny colors include red, purple, gold and silver

  • Works well on garments or products made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester and cotton/poly blends

  • Medium “feel”

  • Call  1-800-448-3061 or email: with questions

Choose from these colors: red, purple, gold and silver

  1. Your transfers will ship on or before five (5) working days on average from the receipt of approved artwork

  2. Our daily order cutoff time is 3:00 pm EST.

  • Time: 10 Seconds

  • Pressure: Medium ( 40 Psi )

  • Temperature: 350 degrees F

  • Glitter: Peel Hot